Our Services

Consult and negotiate renewable energy technology agreements and contracts for:

  • Waste to Energy, including municipal trash to electricity, green diesel, and jet fuels.
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • Smart Housing Technology
  • Smart Farming Technology
  • Cannabis and hemp farming, development, and extraction technology

Currently in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, and others), Caribbean (Jamaica), Panama, Central and South America, Mexico, and Southeast Asia (Vietnam). We are ever expanding to other areas.

Additionally, we consult and negotiate contracts for the purchase and sale of gold (Au) in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

All agreements and contracts listed above for renewable energy are implemented domestically as well.

Criminal defense litigation in all areas of criminal defense including, but not limited to murder, assault, drug possession and distribution, white-collar crime, drunk driving and other traffic-related matters.  

Sophisticated business litigation for plaintiffs and defense.